Kara & Aaron

Kara and Aaron’s wedding happened on a 95 degree summer day, full of light, charming rustic decor, and the love of friends and family. I’ve known Kara since childhood so having the opportunity to photograph her wedding was a complete joy. I loved the craftsmanship both she her husband Aaron put into the decor, making it feel entirely their own. These photographs are some of my personal favorites and I hope they bring a smile to your face as well. Kara and Aaron, I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

Scott & Kara

What a beautiful whirlwind of a day! Photographing my first wedding for two friends was a day full of light and love. There is something so peaceful and romantic about bringing your closest loved ones into an intimate, forest setting to celebrate marriage. The air was cool, music drifted softly through the pines, and rays of setting sunshine made the ceremony glow.Β 

Traci & Sophie

What an entertaining photoshoot with Traci and her new fur baby, Sophie. I never imagined how stimulating a dandelion or twig could be to a puppy during her first visit to the park. I found myself clicking the shutter faster than ever before in attempt to keep up with Sophie’s exhilarating explorations. After snapping nearly 500 photos, I was happy to find moments of calm amongst them, where the love of a new puppy and pure delight it brings can be clearly felt.

Baby Lincoln

What a sweet session with Laura, Matt, and their new bundle of joy, Lincoln. Despite diaper blowouts and occasional screams, he still managed to grace the camera with his affectionate blue eyes and smile. I am grateful for these moments and a successful first newborn session.