Baby Lincoln

What a sweet session with Laura, Matt, and their new bundle of joy, Lincoln. Despite diaper blowouts and occasional screams, he still managed to grace the camera with his affectionate blue eyes and smile. I am grateful for these moments and a successful first newborn session.

Laura & Matt Maternity

For all the things my hands have held
The best by far is you

I was grateful for the opportunity to capture Laura and Matt as they celebrated the welcoming of their son Lincoln into this world.  The gift of a new life is the greatest of all, and their joy was felt as warmly as the sun streaming through the conservatory windows.

A Christmas Party

My first performance photoshoot occurred at a Christmas party for a group of pharmacists, challenging enough, in the fluorescent light and busy backdrops of a pharmacy. Photographing for a friend with a beautiful voice and skillful guitar playing made the crowded store aisles feel more like walls of a music hall as she took center stage and created a spotlight.